Ummi Ibro Biography, Age, Career, And Photos

Ummi Ibro Biography, Age, Career, And Photos.

Ummi Ibro born (March 25 1997) is a Nigerian Hausa Actress, Model, And Producer in the Kannywood industry.

She is the beautiful daughter of Kannywood Veteran Actor, Rabilu Musa popularly known as Dan Ibro.

The young actress is famous for her outstanding acting roles as Bara’atu in a movie titled “Kwana Casin”

In this post, you will get to know more about Ummi Ibro Biography, Age, Career, And Photos and other interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Dan Ibro’s Daughter.

Ummi Ibro Biography, Age, Career, And Photos

Ummi Ibro Profile Summary

Real Name: Rabi’ah S Umar

Age: 25 Years old

Date of birth: 25 March 1997

Origin: Kano State

Occupation: Actress, Producer

Religion: Muslim

Tribe: Hausa Language

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Nigeria

Ummi Ibro Biography

Ummi Ibro or Bara’atu whose real name is Rabi’ah S Umar is a Young Kannywood actress in Nigeria.

She was born in Kano State on the 25th of March 1997 into the family of Rabilu Musa Ibro.

Her father was a renowned Kannywood Actor, Producer and Comedian in the industry before his death.

Ummi Ibro completed her primary and secondary School education in Kano State before continuing furthered where is attained a Diploma in Computer Science.

She joined the Kannywood actress upon the completion of her education, she was brought into the industry with the help of Dauda Kahuta Rarara who Introduced her to different producers in Kannywood.

The young actress have been making appearance in numerous Hausa movies. Her stardom came in 2020 following the role she played as Bara’atu in Kwana Casin.

Ummi Ibro Biography, Age, Career, And Photos

Ummi Ibro is such a wonderful young actress in the industry, she is beautiful, lovely and also talented in acting. She hass so far collaborated with notable Celebrities like Maryuda Yusuf, Maryam Yahaya, Abale, Adam A Zango, Dauda Kahuta Rarara and others.

Asides Acting, Ummi Ibro is currently the secretary of Rarara Multimedia Nigerian Limited. In September 2020, Dauda Kahuta Rarara gifted her with a brand new car.

Ummi Ibro Age

She is 25 Years old

Ummi Ibro Photos

Check out some of the beautiful photos of this young Kannywood actress called Ummi Ibro.

Ummi Ibro Biography, Age, Career, And Photos

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