Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actors In 2022

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actors In 2022

Kannywood is a Nigerian Hausa filmmaking industry with it’s headquarter in Kano State Nigeria.

The industry is currently one of it’s Kind in Africa, infact after Nollywood industry comes Kannywood

New Actors in the industry keep making their ways on the list of top Richest Kannywood Actors as at 2022.

Apart from making name for themselves in Nigeria, these Kannywood Actors have made Huge amounts of money in the Cause of their acting career.

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actors In 2022

These are cool money they make from Businesses, acting, advertisement, For being Ambassadors of different companies.

Well after a deep research on these Kannywood Actors, i bring to you the list of Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actors in 2022.

Without Further Ado, Let’s Take A Glance on the updated list of richest Kannywood Actors in Nigeria.

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actors In 2022

Naziru M Ahmad

Naziru Muhammad Ahmad popularly known as Naziru Sarkin Waka is now the most richest Kannywood Actors in 2022.

Sarkin Waka is a renowned Hausa Musician, Songwriter, Director and also a Kannywood Actors.

He is among the prominent and notable Hausa Actor/Musician in Nigeria. The Actor was born and raised in Kano State.

Naziru started his career as a Musician, after a while he ventured into acting, his current video is Labarina.

Adam A Zango

When we talk of the richest Hausa Actors in the Country, then Adam A Zango’s name must be included on that list.

Adam A Zango is a talented Kannywood actor, Musician, stage performer, and movie director in Nigeria.

Zango was bred in Kaduna State, he grew up there and completed his education in KD before making his way into Kannywood.

Adam A Zango is the second richest Kannywood Actors as it stands now.

Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu is one of the most respected Kannywood Actors in Nigeria. He has been in the industry for ages. Ali has been featured in more than 200 Hausa speaking Movies since joining the industry.

The Third richest Kannywood Actor is nobody other than the King Of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu.

Yakubu Muhammad

Yakubu Muhammad is a famous Nigerian Actor. His acting career didn’t just stopped in Kannywood. He is one of the few Hausa Actors who made it into the Nollywood Movie Industry.

Yakubu Muhammad is the fourth richest Hausa Actors in these Year. He has also gotten numerous awards and recognition for his acting skills.

Sani Musa Danja

Sani Musa Danja have also been in the entertainment industry for about 20 years now. he started acting in Kannywood before proceeding to appear in English Speaking Movies.

Sani Musa Danja is amongst the wealthy Actors we have in the industry.

Sadiq Sani Sadiq

Sadiq Sani Sadiq is a professional Kannywood Actor in Nigeria. He hails from Jos, Plateau State. Before entering the industry, the Now Kannywood Actor had his basic and tertiary institution in his birth State.

After his high School, Sadiq Sani went ahead to attain an outstanding degree from his course of Study.

Sadiq Sani Sadiq is also in the list of richest Kannywood Actor in Nigeria.

Umar M Shareef

Without the name of Umar M Shareef on this list, this list will be incomplete. Umar M Shareef is the most prominent Hausa celebrity in terms of Music. Apart from Singing, M Shareef is a skillful actor with great personality.

His acting styles are top Notch compared to his colleagues in the Industry. Umar M Shareef amongst the richest Kannywood Actors.

Lilin Baba

Lilin Baba’s real names is Shu’aibu. He is wonderful when it comes to singing and dancing on Stage, and Talented in terms of Acting in Movies.

His fame and recognition where as a result of his appearance in the latest Hausa Love series titled “WUFF”

Lilin Baba is youngest on the list of rich Kannywood Actors in Nigeria.

Musa Mai Sana’a

Musa Mai Sana’a is a comic Hausa Actor. He is Widely Known for his funny acting roles in Movies. He is the Number nine on this great list.

Rabiu Rikadawa

The last person on this list is Rabiu Rikadawa. He is a popular Kannywood Actor, producer, movie director.

Rabiu Rikadawa is the tenth richest Kannywood Actor in 2022.

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