Top 10 Most Beautiful Kannywood Actresses

Top 10 Most Beautiful Kannywood Actresses

Have you for once think of the most beautiful Kannywood actresses in Nigeria? The Kannywood industry is indeed blessed with good looking actresses.

These beautiful actress has made name for themselves in the entertainment industry. They have also got numerous awards and recognition in the cause of their acting career and journey.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Kannywood Actresses

Well, in this article thelegitreports brings to you the updated list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Kannywood Actresses.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Kannywood Actresses

Ummi Rahab

As it stands now, the most beautiful Kannywood actress in Nigeria is Ummi Rahab. Ummi Rahab is a famous Nigerian actress from Kaduna State.

She was brought up and raised by Adam A Zango, her career as an actress began right from her small age in a movie featuring Jamila Nagudu And her God Father Adam A Zango.

The Movie was titled “Kin Zamo Takura Ummi” and her excellent roles in the movie made her one of the best actress in the country. Ummi is such an awesome young actress with Natural Beautiful completely.

Momee Gombe

Momee Gombe’s beauty are exceptional. She is blessed with lovely body structure. the young actress is an indegiene of Gombe State.

Momee is another outstanding Kannywood actress in the list of Most beautiful Hausa entertainer in Nigeria.

Aisha Najamu

Aisha Najamu is a professional Kannywood actress, Model, Dancer and also a social media influencer.

She grew up in Kano her birth state where she did all her education before thinking of joining the acting biz. Aisha Najamu made it on this list.

Minal Ahmad

Minal Ahmad popularly known by Nana Izzar So is a beautiful Nigerian actress from Kannywood. Her beauty can’t be expressed by mere words.

Maryam Yahaya

Maryam Yahaya is such a beautiful young actress with great talent in acting. the Kano State born actress must be mentioned on this list because of her beauty.


Zuliahat Ibrahim Zpreety is a prominent upcoming actress in Nigeria. She started as a dancer, After meeting with a notable movie director and producer named “Sanusi Oscar” Zpreety joined the acting scene.

Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau comes as the number seven most beautiful Kannywood actress in the industry. She is a well recognize actress in the entertainment industry.

Fati Washa

When you see Fati Washa in real life, then you will know why she was included in the list of Most beautiful Kannywood actress. She is indeed blessed with beauty. Fati Washa is a notable Hausa actress in the country, she has currently appeared in 100 Hausa speaking Movies.

Maryam Waziri

Lailai known as Maryam Musa Waziri is a Bauchi State born Kannywood actress. She is beautiful, Lovely, and Geogous. Her name is a must here.

Jamila Nagudu

Jamila Nagudu is a household name in Kannywood. She is often regarded as the queen of Kannywood industry. This young woman made this list too.

After a careful research, above is the list of Most beautiful Kannywood actresses in Nigeria.

What do you think of this post Guys? Which of the Kannywood Actresses is your favorite on this list?

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