Maryam Yahaya Biography, Age, Instagram And Net Worth

Maryam Yahaya Biography, Age, Instagram And Net Worth

Who Is Maryam Yahaya?

Maryam Yahaya is a famous Nigerian actress from the Hausa movie industry also known as Kannywood, she is an actress talented with lots of skills.

The actress is also creative and can play any role given to her, Maryam Yahaya is not just an actress but also a professional singer.

She is best known for her appearance in the movie “Taraddadi” a movie which was directed by elnass ajenda.

On this post we are going to be sharing with you Maryam Yahaya Biography, Age, Instagram And Net Worth. Not just that, but all you need to know about her.

Maryam Yahaya Biography, Age, Instagram And Net Worth

Maryam Yahaya Profile Summary

  • Name: Maryam Yahaya
  • Date of Birth: 17th July 1997
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Place of Birth: Kano State
  • State of Origin: Kano State Nigeria
  • Father: Ibrahim Bello
  • Mother: Rukayya Bello
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Tribe: Hausa Fulani
  • Occupation: Actress | Singer
  • Years Active: 2016 – Present
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Phone Number: Not Known
  • Net Worth: $300,000

Maryam Yahaya Biography

Maryam Yahaya was born on July 17th in the year 1997, she was born and raised alongside her lovely parents at Kano state.

Maryam Yahaya obtained her First Living Certificate [Primary Certificate] at Yelwa Primary School. She proceeded to Bokab Barracks Secondary School and obtained her SSCE Certificates.

The actress began her acting career since from her childhood age because she always has the ambition of becoming an actress.

Maryam developed the passion for acting because she was inspired by most of the movies she watched. She also said that she was inspired by top actors as follows; Ali Nuhu, Adam A Zango, Nuhu Abdullahi, Jamila Nagudu, Rahama Sadau amongst others.

In 2016, Maryam Yahaya joined the Hausa movie industry and made her first debut which was titled “Gidan Abinci” followed by “Tabo” and “Barauniya”.

Maryam Yahaya gained her recognition after starring in “Taraddadi” a movie that was directed by elnass ajenda, this movie also earned her Nomination.

She rose to prominence after adapting a leading role that was meant for her colleague Bilkisu Shema in “Mansoor”. This movie went viral and became one of the most watched Hausa movies in north side.

Her role in this movie was pleasing and she played it excellently, Maryam is indeed an actress talented with lots of skills and can play any role.

She is also one of those beautiful Kannywood actresses that has made name for them-selves in the entertainment industry.

Maryam Yahaya Age

Maryam Yahaya was born on the 17th of July in 1997, she is currently 24 years old.

Maryam Yahaya Movies

Since she joined the movie industry, Maryam Yahaya have been featured in so many movies, here are some below:

  1. Gidan Abinci
  2. Barauniya
  3. Tabo
  4. Bani Da Laifi
  5. Mijin Yarinya
  6. Mansoor
  7. Mariya
  8. Taraddadi
  9. Wutar Kara
  10. Jummai Ko Larai
  11. Matan Zamani
  12. Hafiz
  13. Gidan Kashe Awo
  14. Gurguwa
  15. Mujadala
  16. Sareenah

Maryam Yahaya Instagram

Maryam Yahaya has made herself a household name in the Kannywood industry, she has made lots of waves and still making more waves.

She is well known and talked about in the northern sides and has built a huge fan base on Instagram with almost 2 Million followers.

You can visit her main Instagram handle @real_maryamyahaya

Maryam Yahaya Awards

The actress has received several awards and nominations because of her amazing skills and performance, here are some of her notable nominations.

  • Kannywood Best Promising Actress of the year by City People Entertainment Awards. [Nominated – 2017]
  • Kannywood Best Actress of the year by City People Entertainment Awards. [Nominated – 2018]
  • Kannywood Best Supporting Actress of the year by City People Entertainment Awards. [Nominated – 2019]
  • Best Kannywood Actress of the year by City People Entertainment Awards. [Nominated – 2019]

Maryam Yahaya Net Worth

Maryam Yahaya net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 as of now.

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[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions About Maryam Yahaya

Who Is Maryam Yahaya Father?

Her father is Malan Ibrahim Bello

Who Is Maryam Yahaya Mother?

Her mother is Rukayya Bello

How Old Is Maryam Yahaya?

Maryam Yahaya is 24 years old

Is Maryam Yahaya Married?

Yes, she was once married but she is now single

What Is Maryam Yahaya Net Worth?

Her estimate net worth is $300,000

What Is Maryam Yahaya Phone Number?

Her phone number is not yet available

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